Bald Eagle at East Harbor State Park

 Two days ago, September 14th., 2012, I was lucky enough to see a adult Bald Eagle at East Harbor state park in northern Ohio.

So far I have only ever seen three bald eagles in the wild, and two of them have been seen at East Harbor SP. The first I ever saw in the wild was at Rocky Fork SP in southern Ohio. It was a juvenile that appeared to be a first year eagle.


 There isn't much to write about a bird sighting (unless it is a rare bird), so I will post pictures, from the first eagle I ever saw, to the most recent. Enjoy!


(Don't mind the power line)

First Eagle at Rocky Fork SP



Second Eagle at East Harbor SP



Third Eagle at East Harbor SP


   My picture gets a little better each time! Maybe next time it will be perfect. I read recently that bald eagles are becoming more and more common in the Lake Erie region of Ohio, and in 2002 Ohio had over 20 pairs of nesting eagles.

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Bald eagles are wonderful birds. I am very thankful that they are the national symbol, not the turkey.

Re: Eagles

Turkey? As in thanksgiving dinner type turkeys?

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