Avoiding These Three Seeds Could Reduce House Sparrow Numbers

   One of the most effective ways to keep House Sparrows at bay is to watch the seeds you offer at your bird feeder. If you have ever been fishing, you most likely know that Carp are often known as the 'Junk Fish'. This is because of their habit to eat literally anything. In the bird world, the same goes for House Sparrows. They could also be known as the 'Junk Birds'. Their noisy, bullying, wasteful behavior has earned them a nasty repution throughout the country. The trouble caused by House Sparrows has even spread to Hawaii, and thus not even one state in the country is free of the beasts. However, by simply removing three seeds from your seed mixes can reduce the number of House Sparrows at your feeders drastically.

   These seeds, as you may have geussed, are for the most part, 'cheap' seeds, and as such, main ingredients in most generic commercial seed mixes (under no circumstances should you use generic commercial seed mixes as the contain mostly 'fillers' such as millet and milo). The three seeds you should always avoid are listed below:

  1. Millet
  2. Cracked Corn
  3. Black-Oil Sunflower Seeds


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