All About Blue Jays

   Since I have been seeing Blue Jays literally everywhere recently, I decided to write a post All About Blue Jays!

The blue jay is probably the largest most desirable feeder bird. After looking at this vivid blue and white bird, you would never geuss it was a direct descendant from the crow family. Yes, the crow family.

 Who would ever geuss that this beautiful bird is related to the large, undesired, drab, loud, Common Crow?

Take the blue jay, for instance:


  Whou would geuss that it is related, in the very family, no less, of the Common Crow?


 But alas, it is true. The blue jay is indeed related to the crow. Blue Jays are very common feeder birds if you live near a forest surrounded by corn fields. The loud piercing cry (often called a scold) announces their presence. Although they do sound somwhat like the crow, it isn't hard to tell the two apart if you listen to them carefully.

 Check out the blue jay (second) and crow (first) calls, below:




  The blue jays favorite foods include peanuts, and suet (preferably peanut suet). Blue jay's are year-round residents of the entire state of Ohio, but aren't always easily seen. They are probably most easily seen in fall.

 So if you want to attract the blue jay this fall, try offering peanuts in a hopper or tray feeder, starting any time from now until late October (since larger birds like the blue jay prefer either ground feeders or large, stable feeders a mounted tray feeder or large hopper feeder are the best feeder options, or a suet cage in a very stable and easily accessible place). Included below is the Ohio range map for the blue jay.

 Good luck with attracting blue jays!

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