Adult Bald Eagle Seen at Nest

   I decided to check the cam before it gets dark in Decorah, so at 5:38 PM EST, (note that the cam is in central standard time, or, CST) and an adult bald eagle was on the 'Y'. The Y is the 'Y' shaped branch that the eagles sit on alot of the time. It wasn't close enough to be sure, but I beleive it was the female eagle, judging by size. At 5:48 (the time this article was written) eagle calls were heard on the cam, but no eagle was in sight. A few seconds later what appeared to be the female eagle returned to the Y, this time a bit closer to the cam. Posted below are the screenshots that I captured. They will be posted on the MD, also.


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Wahoo! When should the eagles lay their eggs, assuming they don't use the new nest?

Re: cam

Probably in late January... or early February, Martin. It could be sooner or later, we don't know. Last year the eggs hatched in march. Usually an egg is laid within 5 days of a mating, and one took place yesterday around 5 pm EST, 4 pm CST, or nest time.

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