7 Reasons Why Dale Forbes' 7 Reasons to Hate American Warblers Are Invalid

 I prove why Dale Forbes' 7 reasons to hate American warblers are invalid.



 "As I have explained at length in my last 10,000 Birds blog post, wood warblers are nondescript little birds, formally known by the binomial Phylloscopus sibilatrix. Being an identity thief just does not win friends in honest birding circles. As soon as those smart scientist types see the error in their ways, they will find the statistics to support immediate renaming of all American “wood-warblers” to Silly Canaries – a much more fitting name (see aforementioned blog post for a complete analysis of the evidence)."


  I SAY:

1. There is no evidence in your article. And yes, the scientists are smart for not changing the name to canaries. They wouldn't look very smart at all if they did, because they are not canaries. They are warblers. Why would they change the name for a few people in Europe?



"Who could trust anyone with a face like this:    (there is evil in those eyes)"

Kirtland’s Silly-Canary (Dendroica kirtlandii)

Image by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Midwest Region cc on flickr


  I SAY:

2. That was probably stuck into your article because you are jealous of our warblers.  There is nothing evil about it.



"How can staring up in to the canopy for an entire day be any good for anyone besides chiropractors? Corey and Rob claim to have found a cure for this ailment; but I don’t believe him at all: surely carrying a tree stem with me would just give me another form of back pain? But he is not the only one to channel his creative spirits in to coming up with a solution to warbler neck. A few years ago, I read a very interesting (almost life-changing) article by John Rakestraw on beating warbler neck. That does not make those Silly Canaries any less evil, it just means we can deal with them better."



3. If we wan't to do it, that is our business.  Getting a sore neck while watching warblers is no reasong to hate American warblers. Is getting a sore neck as bad as getting sore eyes from watching those ugly European warblers?



"Great big eagles have much better bills. and there are plenty of other birds with much more respectable bills. How can I respect a bird with such a silly bird anyway. This is a real bird:"

Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) digiscoped with a Swarovski Scope / Nikon D300s


   I SAY:

4. I don't mind their bills. They aren't raptors, you know, so they won't have hooked beaks. The bill of the warbler has nothing to do with whether or not you should like it. The bills of warblers were made for what they would use it for. Eating insects. They don't need 'cool' hooked bills, because they don't eat meat,



"Arctic Terns, now that is a migration I can respect. 71,000km/44,000mi per year. The tiny Ruby-throated Humminbird at 3grams manages a 450mi journey over the Gulf of Mexico in a guesstimated 22hours. Respect. Whilst looking for Whale Sharks in the Honduran Caribbean, we would sometimes have little Yellow Warblers come on by. At 10g it seems rather tubby compared to the hummer. Not nearly as impressive."


  I SAY:

5. You must remember that yellow warblers (and all warblers) are almost twice the size of a hummingbird, so they are bound to weigh more.

Also, how far a bird migrates has nothing to do with whether or not you should like it, or whether or not it is a 'true' warblers.



"I am so annoyed by them that I have forgotten my 6th point. grrr. grrrr. they are just so annoying."


  I SAY:

 6. They aren't annoying. They are normal birds. They act just like any other bird would.



 "...but the thing that annoys me most about wood-warblers is that I am really incredibly jealous. there. said it."


  I SAY:

7. That point, I must admit, is valid (though not a reason to not like them). I knew it all along, and I am glad you admitted it.






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In my next article about one of his articles, there will be little or no arguing about what he says.

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Hurry up and write it! I enjoy reading the 'warbler wars' articles on both this site and 10,000 birds!

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