A wildlife-rich trip to Tennessee!

   I just returned two days ago from nearly a week in the Cherokee Nation Forest in extreme southeastern Tennessee. And what have I to report? Some neat birds, along with alot of other wildlife, of course! Unfortunately nearly, no, all of the neat birds that I sw or photographed were confined in the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. But I will take you on a photographic journey along with me in just a moment. First, I will give a quick run-down of all the wildlife that I saw, many of which you will see in my photographs: Two species of snails, numerous five-lined skinks, a broad-headed skink, a millipede, crawdads (aka crayfish), box turtles, salamanders, a walking stick, some sort of frog, a fawn and some adult deer, and so many more species that I can't even remember them. So shall we begin with the photos?

 photo DSC08347_zpsa97e6883.jpg

The cabin at which I stayed had multiple bird feeders up, and were visited by American goldfinches (pictures), Carolina chickadees, tufted titmice, house wrens, downy woodpeckers, white-breasted nuthatchs, among others.


The first full day in Tennessee was spent at the Tennessee aquarium:

 photo DSC08362_zpsf7580346.jpg

 photo DSC08369_zps4633466c.jpg

 photo DSC08366_zps3150a01f.jpg

 photo DSC08429_zps9324ba28.jpg

And now for the part most of you will care about- native birds!

 photo DSC08414_zps0991d268.jpg

A female Tennessee warbler poses on a branch for me.

 photo DSC08416_zps5fd4c8e3.jpg

Most of you will recognize this vivid bird as a male rose-breasted grosbeak.

 photo DSC08428_zps3880f494.jpg

A gray catbird suspiciously scans the landscape below.

That ends the aquarium...

 photo DSC08445_zpsa47ccf2b.jpg

This snail hung around most of the day on a downspout at the cabin.

And the highlight find of the trip-

 photo DSC08458_zpsaa38934f.jpg

The rather common eastern box turtle. Multiple specimens were found crossing the road, all of which (except one due to heavy traffic) were removed from the dangerous crossing.

 photo DSC08467_zps82561e8c.jpg

 photo DSC08465_zpsbce07ded.jpg

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