A good field guide (finally)

   I previously wrote of my plight in endeavoring to find a field guide that suited me. Being the picky birder that I am, I required a these things in what will become my next field guide- HQ volor photographs, a large number of represented species, and a guide for the eastern US, versus the entire country. And I have finally found such a guide, but it is not one of the common guides that many people prefer. It is authored by Paul Sterry, with photographs provided by the extremely talented Brian Small. The book is Birds of Eastern North America: A Photographic Journey. The price is $12 on Amazon. This will certainly be my next field guide. I would highly recommend it. I ordered it from the library before purchasing it just to get a feel of it and see what it was like, and I am quite pleased. Stunning color photographs for the male and female of both species, Cornell Lab of Ornithology range maps (albeit somewhat outdated in places), and informative text for each species. This is by far the best field guide that I have found on the market.

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